Columbia Web Presence: Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Web Service


How do you know whether a web hosting service is good or not? Do you consider disk storage and bandwidth features? What type of web hosting service should you choose? It is important to first identify your needs before choosing a web hosting service because this is the foundation of your satisfaction and expectations. You need to ask yourself several questions in order to determine what type of web hosting service that will best fit your needs. What kind of website do you like to build? Do you want to create a blog? Do you need any applications? Do you need any special software version? How big do you like to generate for your web traffic? Be analytical and take a closer look at your website's needs and foresee what happens in the next twelve months.

For first-timers, it is always good to start with small shared web hosting account because it is cheap, low maintenance and just enough for most new websites. In addition to that, you can always upgrade to VPS or dedicated web hosting services later on when your website continues to grow and expand. What are the things you need to consider or look for when choosing a web host? The most important things you need to are uptime scores or server reliability, server upgrading options, multiple add-on domains, signup and renewal costs, refund policy, technical features (SSI, Cron Jobs, .htacess and Auto Script Installer), e-commerce features, control panel, environmental friendliness, subscription, site backup, and customer support.

It is essential for a website to have a stable network and powerful server connections, with a recommended uptime score of 99.5% and above. Using server monitor tools, you can track your web host with free trial versions. You will need an extra web hosting service if you have extra domains because budget-friendly shared web hosting companies only allow at least 25 addon domains. You should be aware if your prospective web hosting company handles refunds so you don not lose too much money if anything goes wrong. Are you processing business transactions on your website? Then you will also need e-commerce features such us dedicated IP, SSL certification and one-click installation of shopping cart software. Online users love user-friendly navigation interface and control panels, so ensure that you invest on these items. Reduce your carbon footprint by also using green or eco-friendly web hosting services.